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Where can I sleep?


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Participate to the Swiss Canyon Trail contest and win a stay in Val-de-Travers!


For all participants who come with their bus and sleep on site, parking lots are specifically reserved for you around the EspaceVAL in Couvet. First come, first serve! Reservations are not possible. In the village of Travers, there is also a place where it is possible to do farmcamping: and another camping available in Fleurier: romane.


Hôtel du Moulin

Quart. du Bas-du-Village 3
2123 Val-de-Travers
+41 32 861 26 98

La Grand’Borne

1454 Sainte-Croix
+41 24 454 13 51

Hôtel de la Truite

2149 Brot-Dessous
+41 32 855 11 34

Grand Hôtel des Rasses***

1452 Les Rasses
+41 24 454 19 61

des Cernets**

Les Petits Cernets 201
2126 Les Verrières
+41 32 866 12 65

Hôtel – Grill du Crêt de l’Anneau*

Crêt de l’Anneau 1
2105 Val-de-Travers
+41 32 863 11 11

Chapeau de Napoléon

2123 Val-de-Travers
+41 32 861 16 62

la Grange***

Grand-Rue 47
1454 Sainte-Croix
+41 24 454 43 77


The Val-de-Travers is one of the most popular destinations in the Swiss Jura and offers 1001 experiences to share with friends or family!

Between myth, reality, terroir and culture, Absinthe is a must in the Val-de-Travers!

In the Val-de-Travers, it’s good to enjoy the fresh air and the many opportunities that nature offers us, whether in summer or in winter!

Unusual places, festivals, interpretation houses, museums, cinema and theater, there are no less than twenty institutions that give the Val-de-Travers a cultural beat.

The Val-de-Travers is full of establishments, from family restaurants to farmhouses, that are just waiting to be discovered and that are happy to introduce you to the many specialties of the region.

In the Val-de-Travers you will find nearly 1200 beds in a wide variety of accommodations, from hotels to bed and breakfasts, as well as agri-tourism and summer camp accommodations.


Today, Sainte-Croix is active in many fields such as industry, high-end watchmaking, connectivity, crafts, training and tourism. Thanks to the presence of the Technopôle, which is a reference center of competence in the Canton of Vaud, Sainte-Croix benefits from an important potential for innovation, certification and research in advanced fields such as additive techniques. Equipped with the best infrastructures, the Commune is delighted to have an intense associative, cultural and sporting life to which the population of Sainte-Croix responds with pride and enthusiasm. Health and well-being are not empty words for Sainte-Croix, which enjoys a quality of life unlike any other, with the advantages of a city close to nature…


At the beginning of June, the temperature of Lake Neuchâtel, known for its many public beaches, is generally ideal for swimming, water sports and relaxing your muscles!

You can also take time to explore the watchmaking region of Neuchâtel, the hiking trails of the Jura, have a chocolate and absinthe tasting and discover the many routes for road and mountain biking.

The tourist offices

From the Val-de-Travers, the city of Yverdon-les-Bains and the regions of and Les Rasses are available for more options and ideas: