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Welcome to all of our runners from Switzerland and from overseas.

In September 1994 the Trail de l’Absinthe came to life. At the time, we were considered crazy – utopians – for setting out with the ambition of creating a race of this magnitude. Twenty-five years later the Trail de l’Absinthe is still going strong despite all of the numerous revolutions in the sport.

The Swiss Canyon Trail organisers have always put the desires and well-being of its participants first, from listening to feedback to providing all of the essential facilities for your well-being. We are proud of our reputation for first-class organisation, excellent race management and course facilities.

Taking into account athlete feedback, and to respond to the ever-changing nature of the trail world, we have introduced some momentous changes for 2020. Our weekend is now truly a weekend with races starting on Saturday, finishing on Sunday. For the first time we are organising a long ultra distance race with our inaugural K105. This is one of five main races, joined by the 81K, 51K, 31K. The Swiss Canyon Trail 81K remains one of the highlights of our event. These changes celebrate the event’s tradition, benefit from our vast experience, and point us in an exciting new direction.

We wish all of the runners a wonderful event and hope you take the maximum pleasure competing in this majestic, natural and distinct environment. Be ready to meet the green fairy at any twist or turn. She may even be able to help during the most difficult moments !



Its hard to quantify, but it exists. This is the land of the Green Fairy, of dreams, of myth and legend, of spruce-topped mountains, of waterfalls and gorges, of luscious green forests and charming streams. Its like running through a scene from the Lord of Rings. Remote, rugged, with mystery always present. The 2020 race through its 111K course offers a wider range of natural wonder from cascades to cliffs to canyons and ever more challenging terrain.



The Val-de-Travers (population 10,900) is located in the canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The region is nestled in the valley of the Swiss Jura mountains and lies 30 minutes from Neuchatel ; 1 hour, 15 minutes from Geneva ; two hours from Zurich. Its most populous town is the watchmaking centre Fleurier.


Association Swiss Canyon Trail
Abbaye 21 – CH–2068 Hauterive

Association Swiss Canyon Trail
Abbaye 21 – CH–2068 Hauterive