Swiss Canyon Ultra Trail 105K

The inaugural Swiss Canyon Trail offers a spell-bounding, challenging course comprising canyons, cliffs, gorges, waterfalls, luscious forests and endless rich vegetation. Three significant climbs offer wonderful views from their respective summits.

Swiss Canyon Trail de l'Absinthe 75K

The 75km Trail de l’Absinthe race has run for over 20 years. It provides an invitation to attack the steep inclines of a course which does not grant a second’s respite. The ever-changing switch from ascending to descending legs ensures challenges are constant, the rewards fulfilling.

A genuine test but not an extreme vertical rise offering magnificent views of Switzerland at 360 degrees. A ‘marathon’-distance significantly more difficult and enjoyable than a flat urban course.

Same course as the K45. A unique way for a team of three people to attack the relay distance – an ascending leg, a descending leg and a flat one.

The half marathon+ race course offering a challenging parcours and 1000m of vertical ascension. Its highest point topping at 1113m.

A chance to attack the K25 course as a nordic walker


Association Swiss Canyon Trail
Abbaye 21 – CH–2068 Hauterive