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Athletes coming from overseas or other cantons in Switzerland are encouraged to take advantage of visiting the area.

In early June, the Neuchatel lake, renowned for many free-access public beaches, is usually at an ideal temperature for swimming, water sports and relaxing those muscles after the endeavours of the Swiss Canyon Trail. You can also take time to explore the watchmaking region of Neuchatel, the hiking trails of the Jura, chocolate and absinthe tasting and excellent options for mountain and road biking.

There are numerous accommodation options for athletes.  Those wishing to stay near the race village, are encouraged to stay in the Val-de-Travers. Accommodation is available to runners at the Centre sportif du Val-de-Travers where rooms are available at a reduced rate ; likewise accommodation is available in civil protection shelters.

T. +41 32 889 69 19

For full details on accommodation, we invite you to contact  :

Office du tourisme du Val-de-Travers
T. + 41 (0) 32 889 68 96

There are also accommodation options in Sainte-Croix, the nearest major town to the Mont de Baulmes section of the K105 course, or in Les Rasses region, renowned in the winter for its cross country skiing terrain and in the summer for its hiking trails.

Office du Tourisme de Sainte-Croix/Les Rasses
Rue Neuve 10, 1450 Sainte-Croix, Suisse
T. : +41 (0) 24 455 41 42

The tourist offices of the canton of Neuchatel, the towns of Yverdon-les-Bains and the regions of the Val-de-Travers and Les Rasses provide numerous options and ideas :

Those travelling by car may also consider staying in either Neuchatel or Yverdon-les-Bains both 30 minutes away from Couvet with a range of accommodation options and diverse activities.

Hôtel des Cernets**
2126 Les Verrières
+41 32 866 12 65

Hôtel – Grill du Crêt de l’Anneau*
Crêt de l’Anneau 1
2105 Val-de-Travers
+41 32 863 11 11

Chapeau de Napoléon
2123 Val-de-Travers
+41 32 861 16 62

Restaurant-Hôtel de la Poste
Grand-Rue 17
2114 Val-de-Travers
+41 32 861 23 98

Hôtel du Moulin
Quartier du Bas-du-Village 3
2123 Val-de-Travers
+41 32 861 26 98

La Fontaine d’Energie
Rue du Pasquier 12
2114 Val-de-Travers
+41 32 861 45 11

Hôtel de la Truite
2149 Brot-Dessous
+41 32 855 11 34

Grand Hôtel des Rasses***
Route des Alpes 25
1452 Les Rasses
+41 24 454 19 61

Hôtel la Grange***
Grand-Rue 47
1454 Sainte-Croix
+41 24 454 43 77

La Grand’Borne
1454 Sainte-Croix
+41 24 454 13 51

Hôtel de l’Ours**
Route de Sainte-Croix 7
1445 Vuiteboeuf
+41 24 459 22 59

Big villa in Sainte-Croix
1450 Sainte-Croix
+41 24 459 22 59

Gite de la Robella
Ruelle Pierre-Boulanger 5
2115 Val-de-Travers
+41 32 861 30 26


By Car

1h15 from Geneva & Geneva Airport
2h from Zurich
2h15 from Basel
2h20 from Zurich Airport
5h15 from Paris

From Yverdon-Les-Bains
Follow the direction Sainte-Croix – Val-de-Travers before heading towards Fleurier in the direction of Neuchâtel. Pass through the village of Couvet before turning right for the Sports Centre immediately after the Ford garage. Direction Centre sportif du Val-de-Travers.

From Neuchâtel
Follow Val-de-Travers (Pontarlier). Pass through the village of Travers and before entering the village of Couvet. Turn right just before the Ford garage. Direction Centre sportif du Val-de-Travers.

By Train

Connections from Zurich, Basel, Geneva, Lausanne change at Neuchâtel for the train which departs for Couvet. Please visit the CFF/SBB website for further details.


Many athletes will be travelling with friends and family who may be taking part in different distances. For those finishing races earlier, there will be food and refreshments available at the stadium and onsite entertainment. For those with more time to explore, a help desk will provide details on how to access nearby options like an outdoor swimming pool, spa, absinthe tasting and how to visit different parts of the parcours by public transport to cheer on friends and family.



Its hard to quantify, but it exists. This is the land of the Green Fairy, of dreams, of myth and legend, of spruce-topped mountains, of waterfalls and gorges, of luscious green forests and charming streams. Its like running through a scene from the Lord of Rings. Remote, rugged, with mystery always present. The 2020 race through its 111K course offers a wider range of natural wonder from cascades to cliffs to canyons and ever more challenging terrain.



The Val-de-Travers (population 10,900) is located in the canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The region is nestled in the valley of the Swiss Jura mountains and lies 30 minutes from Neuchatel ; 1 hour, 15 minutes from Geneva ; two hours from Zurich. Its most populous town is the watchmaking centre Fleurier.


Association Swiss Canyon Trail
Abbaye 21 – CH–2068 Hauterive

Association Swiss Canyon Trail
Abbaye 21 – CH–2068 Hauterive